Handmade Cigar Blends

Watch this short edited video of Diamond’s Cigar rolling process.

The custom cigar blends from Diamonds are premium handmade cigars with high quality tobacco fillers, binders and wrappers. Check out the composition of our house blends below.

South American

- Filler: Colombian Seco
- Binders: Brazilian Viso
- Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina

Medium Blend

- Filler 1/2: Aged Dominican Ligero
- Filler 1/2: Aged Dominican Seco
- Binders: CT 2LS Broadleaf
- Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Complex Blend

- Filler 1/3: Colombian Seco
- Filler 1/3: Dominican Seco Piloto Cubano
- Filler 1/3: Dark Fired Cured Viso
- Binders: Colombian
- Wrapper: Ecuadorian Seco Shade

South of the Border

- Filler 1/2: Honduran Viso
- Filler 1/2: Honduran Seco
- Binders: Nicaraguan
- Wrapper: San Andreas