Member Benefits

Diamonds Cigar & Whiskey Lounge members enjoy a number of exclusive benefits.

  • Full access to the Member’s Lounge during business hours, by appointment, reservation, or invitation. Hours are 10am – 10pm
  • All Members will have their own personalized whiskey locker to store their favorite spirits.
  • All Members will have their own Spanish Cedar humidor with their own lock and key.
  • One hand rolled cigar of choice from personalized blends from around world.
  • Access to high speed internet for business and personal use.
  • Trained bartenders for perfectly mixed drinks.
  • Ability to smoke your favorite cigar indoors out of the elements in a nice relaxing environment.
  • Wine coolers to securely store that vintage wine.

* Membership Cost: One-time $1500.00 fee (paid annually)

Diamonds Cigar & Whiskey Lounge dress code.

  • Members shall abide by dress code, Which is smart casual attire (business casual), professional, formal, etc). Diamonds defines smart attire as neat and presentable; a collared shirt, casual pants, knee high shorts and shoes.
  • T-shirts, tank tops sweat pants, jogging suits, lycra or spandex garments, baseball caps, flip flops, ripped or frayed clothing and/or footwear and similar apparel are not permitted after 5 pm. Members and their guest are asked to respect the sensibilities of other members by striving to uphold standards of dignity and good taste in wardrobe selection.

Diamonds Cigar & Whiskey Lounge members policy & agreements.

  • Guest policy: Two(2) guests per calendar month at no additional cost. All additional guests shall pay $10.00 each per day. The same person cannot be a guest more than twice per month without becoming a member. All guests must sign in with a Diamonds employee prior to entering the lounge. Spouses or Plus one(1) are exempt and will be considered a Lounge Member.
  • DIAMONDS CIGAR AND WHISKEY LOUNGE has been granted permission by CITY OF ABILENE for members to bring their own alcohol onto the premises. Member acknowledge that the ability to do so is a privilege and MEMBERS (and guests) to consume such alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner.
  • Must be over the age of 21.
  • Membership payment is due upon signing up and is nonrefundable and is nontransferable.
  • Annual term memberships will start once the agreement is signed and payment has been received.
  • You can store cigars purchased and any other products as long as they don’t violate federal, state or local laws. Items may be stored once inspected and cleared by a staff member.
  • You assume full responsibility for the contents of your locker. Diamonds does not insure, nor is it responsible for contents stored in lockers
  • You will be issued a key for your lockers, and it must be returned upon termination of membership. There will be a $20.00 charge for lost key.
  • Diamonds has the right to access any locker at anytime necessary by owner or law enforcement.
  • Management Reserves the right to open lounge to public, during downtown events and functions.
  • Management reserves the right to suspend or revoke a membership for non payment of bill, breach of contract, misconduct, or failure to adhere to any of the rules, regulations, and policies set forth by Diamonds.
  • Diamonds reserves the right to suspend access to locker if memberships is not renewed with 60 days of membership renewal.
  • Diamonds reserves the right to refuse service and our lounge access to any person.